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Brand Design

Burow is a desktop web app concept that helps users find the perfect new neighborhood to move to. By reversing the user flow of existing real estate apps and ditching the professional look, Burow provides a unique home hunting experience.


Lead brand designer, web designer

Key Skills

Brand design, web design, illustration


Aman Gupta — developer
Joel Sequeira — developer
Jared Suasin — developer, web designer


Apr – June 2018


Popular real estate apps, such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, start by asking users for a location. Users then use metrics such as price and number of beds/baths to sort through the returned listings. Additional research could then be done to find walkability, safety scores, and more for an address. This user flow works great for those looking for homes in specific neighborhoods, but what if you wanted to choose a neighborhood based on a metric?


Our team's solution reversed the user flow of traditional real estate apps to allow users to scan cities at a macro level. It does this by focusing on price, walkability, and school rating, and sorting neighborhoods within a city by these criteria. Because these scores can vary dramatically between neighborhoods, this approach benefits users who know little about their new city.

Existing Solution

Enter location → receive listings → use criteria to sort through listings

Proposed Solution

Enter city → choose criteria → receive sorted neighborhoods

Competitive Analysis

Landing pages of Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin

Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin all use real estate photos, generous negative space, and safe typefaces to create a clean, polished look. While a professional appearance increases credibility, it comes with the tradeoff of looking impersonal and detached.

Brand Design

"Burow—Dig around and find the neighbourhood that fits your needs!"

Since our app only sorts neighborhoods and does not show listings or collect any personal data, we could afford to forgo the professional look. So, we took the opposite approach and used the theme of cute, burrowing animals to establish a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Because Burow’s search functionality centers around neighborhoods instead of individual homes, the animals also serve to reflect community.

To produce a homey feel, we gravitated towards warm earth tones and typefaces with gentle curves. We kept our illustrations soft as well and made heavy use of geometric shapes to instill a sense of familiarity. UI elements were also rounded to support the warm brand.

Mood board
Color palette: #FFFAED, #FEA765, #8EB7A2
Heading typeface: Aqua Grotesque
Body typeface: Karla
Final home page

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