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Salesforce Design Internship

UX Design

Summer of 2018, I completed my first internship! I had the pleasure of joining Salesforce’s Global Enablement — Tech Ops team as a UX Design Intern.

Tech Ops built internal technology that helped streamline workplace operations and was working on an online learning platform when I came on board. I supported this project by leading usability testing sessions and utilizing my insights to assist in a UI redesign. I also created brand collateral for this product and provided additional visual communication needs.


UX Design Intern

Key Skills

UX research, visual design, illustration


San Francisco, CA


Summer 2018


The online learning tool that my team was working on aimed to centralize learning at Salesforce, which involved understanding the needs of 2 users:

  • Enabler (Manager) — Creates and assigns learning. Needs to be able to manage their courses + assignments and view the progress of their employees.
  • Learner (Employee) — Receives and completes learning. Needs to be able to track their progress, enroll in classes, and receive notifications.

At the time that I had joined the project, the product was in its third release. The lead UX designer on my team had recently left the company, but had completed user testing for the Enabler point of view beforehand. My task was to continue where she had left off and conduct usability testing for the Learner.

I was currently the only designer on Tech Ops, making this an intimidating task. I quickly learned the importance of being a self-starter and reached out to designers from other teams for mentorship. Using their guidance and the recordings + notes that the previous designer had left for me, I created a user testing plan and contacted 6 new hires across various positions for interviews. Afterwards, I synthesized my insights and presented them to my team.


In between my UX research tasks, I was fortunate enough to explore other areas of interest. A neighboring team of visual designers was working on a redesign of the same product, and I assisted by researching best UI practices and providing feedback.

My usability testing revealed many pain points in our assignment cards, so we were particularly focused on improving how we communicated assignment details, progress, due dates, and time left. I analyzed the card designs used by popular online learning platforms, such as Trailhead, Codecademy, and Treehouse, to discover the best way to organize and display information. As someone interested in both visual and UX, it was exciting to see how these fields intersect to create fluid digital experiences.

Card designs from Trailhead, Codecademy, and Treehouse

Additionally, I contributed to the product’s corporate slide deck by illustrating a few landscapes for custom slide templates. Being able to design under a well-established brand grew my appreciation for the planning and structure that successful brand implementation requires.

Visual Communication

In addition to supporting the upcoming learning tool, I also strengthened my team’s visual communication by redesigning and building presentation materials. Visual design is often overlooked as a powerful organization tool, especially in business and engineering-oriented settings. By mindfully using design elements to apply visual hierarchy to ordinary or disorganized content, I was able to help my team better communicate their ideas.


  • Actively seek out opportunities and make the most of your internship. My main task was to conduct usability testing, but through coffee chats I connected with designers outside of my team that invited me to do additional work. Because of this, I was able to make deeper contributions, meet more mentors, and explore interests outside of what I was hired for.
  • Continue to grow outside of work. Being from Southern California, San Francisco was a refreshing shift in perspective that helped me understand the world just a little bit better.

Thank you to Gyo, Megan, Matt, and the lovely interns I met along the way.

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