Emily Nguyen
Visual β€” Product β€” Front-End

Podcast Art Design System

Vox Media Podcast Network is a fast-growing collection of 150+ shows spanning business, technology, news, sports, and dining. Each of these podcasts have custom art, crafted thoughtfully by in-house designers. As the network grew, so did the need for a strong design system to consolidate all of this artwork. I joined Vox Media’s Brand Design team as their Brand Design Intern this summer, and was given the opportunity to tackle this challenge.

After several weeks of extensive research, including a competitive analysis and an audit, I finalized a style guide and template system that strengthened brand recognition, established artwork consistency across 8 unique brands, and streamlined the process of producing podcast assets.

More on my process coming soon; stay tuned. 🎧


Brand Design Intern


New York, NY


Project managers β€” Laylah Donnell, Krystal Stevens
Mentor – Courtney Leonard 🀘🏻


Vox Media Podcast Network


Summer 2019


Before the design system


Today Explained
Switched On Pop
Future Perfect
The Weeds
Eater's Digest
Recode Decode
Land of the Giants
Nice Try!